System Overview

Collection System
Treatment System
Disposal System

ABS Piranha Grinder Pumps or Goulds Hi-Head Effluent Pumps with sealed for life bearings and Silicon Carbide abrasive-resistant mechanical shaft seals.

Aquawork Pump Controller
Data logging and Auto Dialer
Floatless level transducer monitors
Liquid levels, controls pumping time intervals
Calls for assistance as needed
Logs events in real time

Fralo Poly Tanks
50 Year Guarantee, easy to install.
Fralo tanks are blow molded and are the only tank in the industry with a 50 year guarantee.

Zabel Polylok
Non-corrosive polyethylene construction
High Level Sensor
1/16 Mesh Filters water leaving the tanks

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Aquapoint Bioclere ™ and Lotus-AcitveCell™ Treatment Systems
The Bioclere system is based on a modified trickling filter over a Clarifier.
The Lotus-Active-Cell is a fluidized fixed film reactor. Both use a natural
fixed film biological process which is extremely stable, inexpensive to operate, and simple to manage.

Xerxes FG Tanks
FG tanks are impermeable and testable for water-tightness.
They never rust or crack because they are made of corrosion-resistant materials, which eliminate the possibility of leakage due to either internal or external rusting. Once installed, FG tanks require no corrosion maintenance or EPA – mandated corrosion monitoring.

ABS Dosing Pumps
The ABS Scavenger series are no-clog pumps with sealed for life bearing and Silicon Carbide and abrasive resistant mechanical shaft seals.

Surflo Dispersal Controller
Data logging, Auto Dialer packaged design, tested, and certified with operator interface console. Data collection, SCADA and Telemetry, Air-Sparging Filter System keeps filters clean.

UV Pure Technologies, Inc.
This ultraviolet water purification system reduces BOD and kills possible dangerous pathogens.

Goflow Subsurface Drip Systems
Tubing contains ROOTGUARD and ULTRA-FRESH.

These patented technologies completely solve root intrusion and biological plugging problems for subsurface drip application.

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